Turkish State Railways
<div class=ft-title-baslik>FINAL COUNTDOWN STARTED FOR THE INAUGURATION OF KARS LOGISTIC CENTER</div> <div class=ft-title-aciklama>  Mr. Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, made examinations on Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line, Kars Logistic Center and Ankara-Kars... </div> <div class=ft-title-baslik>REHABILITATION AND SIGNALING PROJECT OF KARABÜK-ZONGULDAK RAILWAY LINE IS COMPLET</div> <div class=ft-title-aciklama>  After the completion of its rehabilitation works, opening ceremony of the railway line is carried out with the participation of Mr. Binali Yıldırımm, Minister of... </div> <div class=ft-title-baslik>MARITIME TRADE AGREEMENT</div> <div class=ft-title-aciklama> Maritime Trade Agreement is signed for the transportation of the ports between İzmir and Thessalonik </div> <div class=ft-title-baslik>THE RAILWAY MEN OF THE WORLD ARE MEETING IN ISTANBUL</div> <div class=ft-title-aciklama> 6th Eurasia Rail Exhibition was opened by the Minister, Mr. Binali Yıldırım, in Istanbul Fair Center on 3rd March </div> <div class=ft-title-baslik>IZBAN REACHED TO TORBALI</div> <div class=ft-title-aciklama> The opening ceremony of the new additional line in the length of 30 km extending IZBAN up to Torbalı (Tepekoy) was inaugurated on 14th February </div> <div class=ft-title-baslik>OUR FIRST NATIONAL ELECTRIFIED LOCOMOTIVE E1000 IS ON THE RAIL</div> <div class=ft-title-aciklama>  National electrified locomotive E1000, which will bring Turkey one of the world authorities in national vehicle sector, was put into the rails on 8th October 2015 with a... </div> <div class=ft-title-baslik>TCDD IS CELEBRATING ITS 159TH YEAR.</div> <div class=ft-title-aciklama>  We experience the pride and the pleasure of celebrating 159th year of Turkish railways, started with the construction of İzmir-Aydın line on 23th September 1856.... </div>
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