Turkish State Railways

A new and radical move regarding to railways was started since 2003. As a result of this move, our country set the goal of being railway base of Caucasus, Europe and Asia in 2023 and strengthening technological infrastructure of our country became as a necessity in order to reach its goals. Within this framework, it was needed to establish a research center within TCDD. Also, in the Report of Railway Sector prepared within this scope, it was focused that a Research and Technology Center should be established in our country. The establishment of Railway Institute, which brings all the actors in railway sectors together and determines further railway R-D needs, was approved and it replaced among the decisions of 10th Transport Forum.


Railway Research Technologies Center (DATEM) was established under Research, Planning and Coordination (RPC) Department with the decision taken by Board of Managers of TCDD dated 26.10.2009 and numbered  19/142. A commission was established on 31.12.2009 in order to determine the settlement for DATEM Directorate and make the required research and examinations. According to the report of this commission; a place in Behiçbey Marşandiz Area was allocated to DATEM. On its name was changed as “Operation Directorate of Railway Research and Technology Center (DATEM)” with the decision of Board of Managers dated 22.07.2010 and numbered 14/119. Its mission and organization chart were approved.



To make tests appropriate for the standards in the field of railway, to train qualified staff, to produce information with the researches, use them and consult, contribute for the development of railway industry in transport sector in our country by following the developments in the world.



To become a leading international Institution, which work for constructive railway system and technologies, produce sectoral solutions, increase operational security, produce technology and export it.