Turkish State Railways



Quality Policy


With the strength gained from our employees internalizing the experience and knowledge acquired in transportation sector as TCDD since 1859 with the culture of railwaymen, we are actualizing fast, reliable, economical and comfortable transportation solutions and services in a great cooperation with all of our business partners by making no concessions to Quality Management System Standards.



To transform the railways into a primarily preferred transportation system and continue to be the locomotive power in the development of our country.



With a fast, reliable, economical, comfortable and environment-friendly transportation approach, to always keep the existing infrastructure and rolling-stock fleet available for service and to realize new railway projects and solutions by making needs analyses for the future of the sector.



Turkish State Railways is organized as follows:


16 departments:


  • Railway Maintence Department
  • Railway Modernization Department
  • Railway Construction Department
  • Survey and Project Department
  • Traffic and Station Management Department
  • Capasite Management Department
  • Strategy Development Department
  • Real Estate Department
  • Human Resources Department
  • Accounting and Financing Department
  • Procurement and Stock Control Department
  • Information Technologies Department
  • İnternational Relations Department
  • Support Services Department
  • Port and Ferry Management Department
  • Internal Audit Department


 6 units:

Legal Consultancy,
Press and Public Affairs Consultancy,
Inspection Board,
Office of the Board,
Railway Safety and Risk Management Directorate,
Protection and Security Directorate

8 Regional Directorates:

1st Regional Directorate -Haydarpaşa
2nd Regional Directorate -Ankara
3rd Regional Directorate -Alsancak
4th Regional Directorate -Sivas
5th Regional Directorate -Malatya
6th Regional Directorate -Adana
7th Regional Directorate -Afyonkarahisar
High Speed Train Regional Directorate -Ankara 

4 Affiliated Companies (TCDD TAŞIMACILIK, TÜVASAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ) and 5 Factory Directorates:

1. Ankara Railway Factory
2. Ankara Long Rail Welding and Mechanical Rolling Stock Repair Factory
3. Sivas Sleeper Factory
4. Afyon Concrete Sleeper Factory
5. Çankırı Switch Factory

7 major ports of our country:

1. Haydarpaşa Port
2. İzmir Port
3. Derince Port Management Control Directorate
4. Bandırma Port Management Control Directorate
5. Samsun Port Management Control Directorate
6. Mersin Management Control Directorate
7. İskenderun Port Liman Management Control Directorate




Van Lake Ferry Operations are owned and operated by our Enterprise.