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 TÜLOMSAŞ, which is the strongest industrial establishment of the Middle-East and the Balkans with its 2500 expert personnel and total production area of 500.000 m² including a covered area of 176.000 m², meets the needs of National Railway sector and exports locomotive and industrial products to abroad. Moreover, the company also manufactures freight wagons, all types of diesel electric engines, light-rail system rolling stock, tank engines, traction engines and other types of heavy industry products. TÜLOMSAŞ has gained ground since the production of the first Turkish steam locomotive "KARAKURT" as the heavy industry giant of its area. In 1994, TÜLOMSAŞ started manufacturing DH 7000, DH 9500, and DH 10000 Shunting Locomotives that were completely designed by TÜLOMSAŞ and it obtained ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate in 1997. Now it continues taking confident steps to take its place among the developed countries as a long-established company of 108 years. 

Turkish Railway Machines Industry Inc. was established in 1939 under the name of "Sivas Traction Engine Workshop" for the purpose of repairing the steam locomotives and freight wagons. In parallel with the development of railway transportation, it started manufacturing freight wagons in 1953. In 1972 its trade name was changed as TÜDEMSAŞ while being SIDEMAŞ.


The factory having ISO 9001 Quality Certificate still continues contributing into the development of Turkish and world railway transportation by repairing freight and passenger cars and manufacturing all types of freight wagon and spare parts under the trade name TÜDEMSAŞ. 

Adapazarı traction engine workshop, the construction of which had been started in 1948 and commissioned in 1951 for the purpose of repairing the freight and passenger cars of our establishment, was carrying out the repair of 1200 freight and 600 passenger cars at that time. The railway business that was completely performed with foreign wagons relieved with the construction of this workshop. It had continued serving as a repair workshop for 10 years. During this period, the domestic wagon production was put on the agenda due to the repair problems of foreign wagons. The establishment had been transformed into Adapazarı Railway Factory with this idea and it started the domestic passenger car manufacturing in 1961.


With the tenacity and success of Turkish engineers, workers, and managers, it was started to deliver Pullman, restaurant, sleeping, suburban, and other cars at a great pace despite of the limited financial circumstances of those days. Therefore, wagons were no more imported. Within a short period, our national wagon fleet completely consisted of domestic wagons.


In 1975, the production of (UIC-RIC) passenger cars in accordance with the international standards was initiated in the company named ADAPAZARI Wagon Industry Establishment (ADVAS) at that time. Later on, RIC-X type long wagons were produced and put into service in domestic and international lines.


The establishment that does not have a competitor in our country and in neighbouring countries became an incorporated company in 1986 and obtained its current status and since then it has been serving under the trade name of TÜVASAŞ (Turkish Wagon Industry Inc.).


TÜVASAŞ, which continues its activities as an “Affiliated Corporation” of the Directorate-General of TCDD (Turkish State Railways) and its capital of which is completely owned by the state, is managed by the Board of Directors and a General Manager. The company that is composed of different technical and administrative units has a rail network of 45 km and a covered area of 76.248 square meters located on a total available area of 750.000 square meters.

Currently, 1100 permanent workers and approximately 400 managers and officials are employed in TÜVASAŞ. As the manufacturer of nearly 1.200 passenger cars in our establishment, TÜVASAŞ performs the repair and maintenance of all of these cars. All of the compartment and saloon type main line passenger cars, long and middle distance suburban wagons, electric trains, restaurant, buffet and special wagons of our establishment are the products of TÜVASAŞ. Recently, the rail buses manufactured completely by domestic projects  also continue to be operated. In 1970s, 77 narrow gauge line passenger cars were exported to Bangladesh. In 1990, 30 units of bogie were exported for these cars and they still serve in this country efficiently.


Our company, which can manufacture all kinds of railway transportation vehicles with its knowledge and experience of more than 45 years, has put into service the modern cars of the year 2000 that includes the latest innovations in the world, TVS 2000 series. TVS 2000 luxury wagons, which are available for speeds up to 200 km/h, are preferred by railway passengers, who like to travel by train, as the pride of our country thanks to its advanced characteristics such as safety doors that are automatically locked at 5 km/h speed, the air-conditioning system that provides a comfortable travel in summer and winter times, ergonomic seats, central announcement system, multi-channelled music broadcasting system, etc. and they also bring up the export opportunities.