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TCDD Railways Museum and Art Galleria is one of the museums which offers an insight into the recent history  by presenting original artefacts used in the foundation period of Turkish Republic and TCDD and paying attention to make the history of TCDD alive and contribute to the art and artist.


The project of this building, located in Ankara Station Complex, had been prepared by Railways Architect Kemal Suha Esen with the order of Great Leader Atatürk in 1924 as "Ankara Hotel". It was used as Management Building, Accounting Building, Higher Education Students Hostel, Division Directorate, and Training and Education Department before being used as Railways Museum and Art Galleria. Then, two-storey stone building was rehabilitated by TCDD in 1990 and the entrance floor has been put into service as Art Galleria and the second floor as Railways Museum.


. The arches and all of the façades are covered with Ankara stone. There are two balconies in front and on sides.


. The entrance floor, designed as having high ceilings in accordance with the architectural trend of that period, is covered with Izmir tile/ Maltese stone. The tiles have wind rose pattern with eight wings on grey-white floor in grey-black colour.


. The wooden door, having two big wings is massive and opened inwards by the help of a three step stairs located in the middle of façade with a symmetric planning, is one of the important ornaments of the building.


. As the building, one of the works of early Republic period, was designed as a hotel, all of the doors of room in every floor are opened to the big hall.



Art Galleria

The entrance floor of the historical building within Ankara station complex is used as Art Galleria.  


Our Art Galleria hosts many national and international painting, sculpture, handicrafts and photograph exhibitions.





The second floor which can be climbed with a spiral wooden stairs, is designed as Railways Museum.


The adventure of train and railwaymen from the previous century up to now is being shown with graphic illustrations and every kind of technical and ethnographic materials used on the railways are also exhibited within the historical development process in the museum which has a high ceiling saloon opening to a large hall and eight rooms in different sizes. 


Tea-runs, brass writing sets, wooden nacred furniture, tickets, health materials, track measurement devices, medals, shields and original steam-engine locomotives plates in the museum supplied from TCDD carry on the spirit of the past period to the visitors.

In the room next to the stairs, general information is given to the visitors, in “Traction Room” which is the first saloon in the right side, the document, photo, technical parts and its adventure of the past are being told. Writing sets, inkwells, ink, station and platform bells, lamps, wagon objects belonging to the period of Ottoman Empire and historical materials used by the railwaymen in this room are exhibited for the visitors.


Medicine and treatment materials belonging to wooden operation box with Anatolia Bagdat emblem which was used on the health wagons added to the trains in the mid- 20th century, medical material wardrobe belonging to Eskişehir Railway Hospital, patient files, first-aid stretcher used in 19th century, gas lamp used in the operating room, sterilization cups, tension devices, microscope and various medical equipment are some of the materials taken part in the inventory of the museum.


The documents, photos, medals, shields, bill, tickets, railroad passes, identity cards, ceremony scissors, ticket wardrobe and nationwide tour paintings belonging to Ottoman Empire and Republic are exhibited in the museum. Original train plate of Vagon-Litz Cook, silver, ceramic and crystal dinner sets, wooden chess set, document shelf are among the materials exhibited within the historical integrity. Original brass- iron casting plates, the plates of the locomotives named as Bozkurt-Karakurt which is the first local production and Switchman-Shunter lanterns can be also seen in the museum. 


Typewriter, calculator lever with a sliding carriage, telegraph, training trappers, wall-mounted phones, field phone, 5-10-15 line manual switchboards, various measurement devices used in the construction and historical materials are waiting for the visitors.



Address: TCDD Museum and Art Galleria Talatpaşa Boulevard, next to the Ankara Station
Phone: +90 312 3090515/4094 

Museum is open every day between 09.00-12.00 / 13.00-17.00 except weekends, religious and national days. Entry is free.  For the groups of 10 people and over, it is needed to be asked for an appointment.