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This coach as the only original example of White Train that was used by Atatürk for local visits from 1935 up to his death was registered by the Directorate General of Monuments and Museums, the Ministry of Culture in 1991 as "the cultural value of Atatürk to be preserved".  There is no saying that how many kilometres are run by Atatürk’s coach, which has been exhibited since 1964 at Ankara Station but it is obvious that it keeps the vigorous memories evoking the spirit of Atatürk.


The Coach, which is 14,8 meters length and 46,3 tonnes tare weight, was manufactured by  LHV Linke Hofmann-Werke, Breslau in1935. The Coach, which witnessed the history of Republic since it was allocated to the service of Atatürk, is continuing to carry all the values enlivened in the time of Ata with a great dignity.

When the visitors of Atatürk’s coach see the guard room, bathroom, bedroom and the square living room at the end of the corridor in the coach, they will find themselves as if they accompany to Atatürk in his local visits. 




In the coach in which the chess and backgammon set beloved by Atatürk and panama mats chairs are exhibited, Atatürk’s radio which he listen Anatolian melodies during his journeys and his gramophone which he listen the records of the most important representatives of classic music like Verdi, Beethoven and Bach are among the important items presented to the visitors’ taste. 


White Train, which has an important place in the history of Turkish Republic, was not only a train used for the local visits of Atatürk, but also hosted to Great Turk, whose corpse was brought from Istanbul to İzmit by battleship of Yavuz after his death on 10th November 2015, in his last journey from İzmit to Ankara. 



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