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“Direksiyon Building”, which was one of a few state buildings in Ankara during the War of Independence, is still continuing to be an alive witness for that magnificent and glorious battle. When you visit this building in which the most important decisions taken, it seems as if you will go to the battle years by travelling in time, feel the hard times and witness the soul of the first years of Republic.


Direksiyon Building, which is located within the premises of Ankara Station of Turkish State Railways and was built during Baghdad Railways in 1892, was allocated to Atatürk upon his arrival in Ankara on 27th December 1919 as a Supreme Military Command Headquarters and residence. 


In Direksiyon Building, which was one of the headquarters of the War of Independence and hosted to the many important decisions between 1920-1922;


. The operational plans of the War of Independence were prepared,


. The treaty that was signed with France on October 21 1921 was negotiated and its signing ceremony was held here,


. The decisions for the establishment of the Turkish Parliament and for celebrating that day as National Sovereignty and Children's Day annually were taken,


. The proverb of “Authority, without any condition and reservation, belongs to the nation” was firstly pronounced by Great Leader in this building.


In order to cherish the valuable memory of Atatürk, TCDD rehabilitated this building that has a significant place in the history of Republic of Turkey and taken part on the stamps which remind the first death anniversary of Ata, opened it as a museum to the public on December 24, 1964.


Atatürk Residence Museum has the characteristic of being the first Institution Museum as a private museum statute under the control of the Ministry of Culture.


The stone building, which has an original key block, stone decors on its corners and wooden eaves, was designed as two-layered. The window decors with key block are simple and they are the only ornament item in the building. The museum is still continuing to carry the spirit of the history of TCDD and the War of Independence to its visitors.


 In the Residence of Ataturk of which its 1st floor is designed as Railways Museum, various documents regarding to railways from 1856 up to now, memory medals, switches used in that period, rail samples, belongings like silverware are exhibited. Also, the stamp used in the period of Ottoman Empire, diploma, identity cards, tickets, locomotive plates used by TCDD in train operation, telephone and telegram machines used for the communication are presented to the visitors’ taste.


Gold plated miniature wagon, given as a gift to Sultan Abdulaziz by British Government, worktable with mother of pearl inlaid used by the sultan in his private wagon, wall clocks, pickaxe and shovel used by Ataturk during the ground breaking ceremony of Samsun-Çarşamba Railway Line in 1925 are among the artefacts of the museum. The model of steam engine locomotive, gives as a gift to Mr. Behiç Erkin, the first Director General of TCDD by German Railways is also among the worth-seeing artefacts.


The painting, which is named as “The Women Carrying Oxcart in the War of Independence”, and one of the most important artefacts of  world-famous impressionist Mr. İbrahim Çallı, is also exhibited in the museum. This classic of Çallı, belonging to 1920, is 3 meters length and 2 meters width. The original and solid frame of the painting reflects the carpentry of that period. This painting has a particular importance as it is the first artefact of the greatest paintings of Mr. Çallı.



You can go to upstairs through the high ceiling stairs located in the first floor. The second floor of the museum was designed as a Residence-Museum in which there is a reception room, workroom and bedroom of Ataturk and the room of Mrs. Fikriye.



In the museum in which the private belongings of Ataturk and Mrs. Fikriye, Vatan Yevmi Newspaper dated 1340 (1924) donated by Mr. Hayri Özdinçer, the nephew of Mrs. Fikriye, in which the notice of the death of Mrs. Fikriye was published, birth certificate, family tree, photos, bed cover, oud and the furniture bringing the past memories to the present are being protected like the first day.




ADDRESS: Ankara Train Station

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You can visit the museum every weekday excluding Saturday, Sunday and religious holidays between 09.00-12.00 / 13.00-17.00. The entrance is free of charge. For the groups of 10 people and over, it is needed to be asked for an appointment.