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Address : TCDD Liman İşletmesi Müdürlüğü  Bandırma - TURKEY

Phone : +90 266 718 75 30

Fax     : +90 266 713 60 11

E-mail : bandirmaliman@tcdd.gov.tr


     Latitude     40° 21' 45" N

     Longitude  27° 57' 50" E 




The port, going back up to B.C. 8-10th years, substantially started its activities by the construction of Scaffold of Municipality in 1924. The feature of this port is that it was constructed by a Turkish engineer (Mr. Reşit) for the first time in Turkey with a concrete block system.


The studies regarding to the foundations of the recent modern port was started in 1952 on the basis of survey and Project and its construction was initiated in 1963. While it was being operated by the Municipality, it was handed over to TCDD by the decision of Cabinet dated 15.04.1969 and numbered 6/116222 by being expanded by the Ministry of Public Works in accordance with the law numbered 6237.

Bandırma Port, which was being operated by our Enterprise, was included to the privatization by the method of “ Transfer of Operational Rights” according to the decision of High Board of Privatization dated 30.12.2004 and dated 2004/128. After it was tendered, Çelebi Joint Venture Group won the tender with the amount of 175.500.000.-US Dollars and the port was handed over on 18th May 2010 to be operated for 36 years.

The port continues to carry out its activities under the name of Çelebi Bandırma International Port Operation JSC.

TCDD performs its duties and authorities via TCDD Bandırma Port Operation Controlling Directorate regarding to supervision right given to itself within the framework of the relevant provisions of Concession Agreement concerning the transfer of operational rights.