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Address: TCDD Liman İşletmesi Kontrol Müdürlüğü – Derince / TURKEY
Phone : +90 262 239 73 00
Fax     : +90 262 223 42 78
E-mail: derinceliman@tcdd.gov.tr
    Latitude:    40° 44' 44" N
    Longitude: 29° 50' 00" E





The construction of the port was started in 1900 by Anatolia Bagdad Railways Company  with a obtained concession, and taken into operation in 1904. It was transferred to General Directorate of State Railways and Ports in 1927 with Law No. 1042. The port, transferred to Turkish State Railways in 1935 with the Law No. 6186, continued to provide service under the title of Harbor Branch as a unit of Haydarpaşa Port Authority. It became a separate Port Operation Authority in accordance with the order of General Directorate of Turkish State Railways dated 31.03.1961 and No. 11270-14-1/1783.


Derince Port, operated by our Enterprise, was taken into the scope of privatization through “Transfer of Operational Rights” method with Decision of High Board of Privatization dated 30.12.2004 and No. 2004/128 and it was transferred to Safi Katı Yakıt Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. winning the tender for 39 years with an amount of 543,000,000 USD.


The Port continues its activities under the title of Safi Derince Uluslararası Liman İşletmeciliği A.Ş. (Safi Derince International Port Management JSC).


TCDD performs its control and supervision duties and authorities given within the framework of the concerned provisions of the Concession Agreement on Transfer of Operational Rights   by means of TCDD Derince Port Authority Control Department.