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Short history of our museum;


An idea was put forward to open a museum in 1998 after a stove was drawn attention by the visitors in the exhibition.  The mentioned stove, which was ordered to be produced for German Government as a tulip motif in the period of Ottoman Empire and manufactured in 1908 and used for many years, was brought from the material depot of Eskişehir Division Chiefdom 13 in 1997 and painted. After the preparations in the inner side of the museum and its garden were completed, the museum was open to the visit of the citizens on 16.10.1998 by the materials supplied from 1st Regional Directorate of TCDD, Eskişehir Offices and Directorate General of Tülomsaş.


Adress: TCDD Museum Station-Eskişehir
Phone: +90 222 225 80 80 / 4395

Museum is open every day except Sunday and Monday .Entry is free.