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The museum building was built as a merchandise warehouse in 1800s by the British merchants living in Alsancak as a colony. In other words, this building is older than İzmir-Aydın railways (constructed in 1856). It has the same architectural characteristics with the British consulate, which is located approximately 200 meters on the south, its adjacent building Anglican church, and the building that is currently used as the Dean's Office for 9 Eylül University, Teacher's College at Buca (this architectural style is called "Baghdadi"). Later on, the building was used as the administrative office for the British companies and then it became the house of the Manager of "İzmir-Aydın Ottoman Railways Company" in 1860s. After the nationalization of railways, it was used as residence for employees for a long period together with the other 5 buildings located nearby and having the same architectural characteristics. The building that struggled against many earthquakes and fires was rehabilitated as a museum in 1990. With the last rehabilitation in 2002-2003, its upper floor has been arranged as a Galleria and lower floor as a Museum and put into the service of our visitors.


ADDRESS: Atatürk Street No: 444 Opposite of the Station Alsancak-İZMİR
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