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Malıköy, which is located on the route of Ankara-Eskişehir, is a centre of population connected to Polatlı County. When the historical information and documents are examined, our railway station established here is a strategic station which affected the destiny of our nation during the epic battle of Sakarya Meydan.


Railway played an important role in the War of Independence occurred between 1919 -1922. Thanks to these museums located in three important areas on Ankara-Polatlı railway line which played a vital role for ending up in a victory of the hardest battle of our history, our children and young people, whom we will entrust our country, will always remember in which situations our War of Independence ended up in victory and how the transportation was important for the destiny of the countries.


The important cornerstones on Ankara-Polatlı railway line: 


1- Atatürk's Residence and Railways Museum During The War Of Independence. It was built as direksiyon building in Ankara Station for railways and used as Atatürk’s residence and command centre durin the War of Independence. TCDD opened it as a museum to the public on December 24, 1964 by rehabilitating it named as Atatürk's Residence and Railways Museum During The War Of Independence.


2- Malıköy Train Station Museum. It was established by the cooperation of Presidency of General Staff, Ministry of Transport and Directorate General of TCDD and gained as a museum into our cultural life on June 25, 2008.


3- Kartaltepe Robin Monument and Sakarya Meydan Battle Panorama Museum. A panaromic museum was built in Kartaltepe by the contribution of TCDD Foundation in order to hand down and eternize Sakarya Meydan Battle to the next generation ideally.


Malıköy Station, the most important exponent after Command Centre, became the point which met all the needs of Sakarya Meydan Battle and achieved the first aid of injured soldiers. Also, during the war, it was used as infirmary, ammunition, logistic center and military airfield. 


Museum consists of martyrs monument erected for 5713 martyr , the monument of Atatürk in civilian dress, locomotive manufactured by Germany in 1897 used during Sakarya Meydan Battle and repaired by TCDD, wagon manufactured by Germany in 1909, 2 planes built in accordance with the original text of the planes in that period and station building. The rooms in which the train and planes are placed can be visited by the sounds of train and plane.


The railway equipment used in that period is also exhibited in the museum in which the War of Independence is represented by statues and visual materials.

Address: Malıköy Train Station/Polatlı – ANKARA

Ankara-Eskişehir 30. Km of Road Malıköy Başkent 6 km. inside the turnout of Organized Industrial Zone

Phone: +90 312 640 10 81

Visit hours: Every day 09.00 - 17.00

Entry is free.