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Geotechnical Services Directorate

The main activities of Geotechnical Services Directorate are as follows:


- To reveal the geotechnical problems in the railway infrastructure, to produce solution proposals and to make research.

- To realize laboratory (Ballast and aggregate Laboratory has TS ISO/EN 17025 Standard Accreditation) and land tests for the availability of the materials ( embankment and selected material, sub ballast and ballast, aggregate) used in infrastructure and superstructure, to make research and development studies regarding to these materials and to prepare specifications.

- To make research and development studies regarding to the construction of railway infrastructure, to prepare standard and specifications.

- To prepare Geotechnical Survey Report by realizing the land survey of both building constructions and important facilities (Triage Stations, Port Concreting Areas etc.)  to be constructed by our Enterprise and making laboratory tests of the samples taken within the scope of the survey.


Destructive/Non-destructive Inspection Directorate  

The main activities of Destructive/Non-destructive Inspection Directorate are as follows:


To establish laboratories and testing methods having appropriate equipment in which the destructive/non-destructive tests can be realized as required by the railway technologies.
To make the needed research and supervisions for developing railway infrastructure, superstructure, Rolling stock and the destructive/non-destructive inspection of the components belonging to Rolling stock as well as the control and maintenance methods in the offices.
To do the required studies in order to become an accredited Destructive/Non-Destructive Inspection Center, which has its own laboratory, equipment and tools as well as the documents of national-international validity in staff training and its exams
To participate into the events regarding to the working area by following the studies of national and international Projects, scientific publication and events.
The study of consultancy Project for the establishment of the destructive/non-destructive inspection laboratories.


Electronic Research Directorate

The main activities of Electronic Research Directorate are as follows:


General Electronic

Security, Remote Control, Wagon Electronic, Traction Electronic (Electric Engine Drivers), Communication (Fibre-Optic, GSM-R, RF Systems), GPS Systems, Thermal Systems.


Power Electronic

Power supplies, Inverter, Converter, Battery Chargers, Re-Active Power Compensation, Harmonic Filter Systems, Power Quality Regulatory Systems, Renewable Energy Sources


Microprocessor, Software, Control

Software, Data Process, SCADA Systems.



Design of Hardware Simulator for Railway Automatization and Interlocking


A railway hardware simulator will be developed by using 1/87 scaled model rail, train, switch and signals in this project. This simulator is a similar nature of a real railway system. It will be able to be verified by developing the required interlocking codes and trying various time schedules diagrams.


Design of Depreciation (Flat wheel) Detection System

Fibre optic sensors lied under the rail and dynamic load and pulses during the train crossing have been measured in the flat wheel detection project in which the maximum efficiency with the infrastructure of fibre optic sensors is aimed. It is aimed to determine whether there is a depreciation or not by examining the characteristic of flat wheel on the projects of different speeds and artificial depreciation. If there is, the level of flat wheel on which axis and wheel should be stated.



Change of the Filament Bulbs on Conventional Signalling Lamps with Led Lamps

New generation LED lamps will be designed and they will be changed with the existing filament bulbs in this project. The design will be appropriate for 3 different models used in the existing system. Led (Light Emitting Diode) lamps have lower energy consumption, more long-lasting and durable difficult conditions than the filament bulbs.

EMC Compatibility Tests in Railway Systems


Based on EMC railway compatibility standard EM 50121, these measures will be carried out by our unit by supplying the required devices. It is aimed that the measures for the electromagnetic field of railway vehicles and catenary line will be carried out in accordance with 50121-2 standards.


Measurement and Evaluation Directorate

The main activities of Measurement and Evaluation Directorate are as follows:


. To make test and measurement programs in line with the demands of the relevant companies within the frame of test and measurement procedures.  

. To assign Piri Reis measurement team and make coordination with the relevant units.

. To ensure the evaluation of the measures and results.

. To evaluate the studies and the results, to keep statistic data and records.

. to prepare documents regarding to sector standards based on the results of research and test results.

. To follow the project works in national and international area regarding to study field.


Supportive Services Directorate

The main activities of Supportive Services Directorate are as follows:


Staff Activities

Administrative Activities

Financial Activities

Training Activities


Technical Bureau

The main activities of Technical Bureau are as follows:


To carry out the necessary studies for being/establishing authorized certification body on certifying TCDD units and national or international railway enterprises.  

To prepare, plan and carry out the national and international research or development projects to be realized within DATEM.

To identify the quality and the standards of DATEM Operation Directorate and units and to operate for developing these standards consistently.  

To evaluate the studies and the results obtained from DATEM Operation Directorate and affiliated units, to keep statistic data and records. 

To follow the national and international new standards regarding to railway sector and the revisions of the existing standards.