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Address: TCDD Liman İşletmesi Kontrol Müdürlüğü- Samsun - TURKEY
Phone: +90 362 445 14 00 -01 -02 / 547 - 548 - 549
Fax    : +90 362 445 16 26
e-mail: samsunliman@tcdd.gov.tr
    Latitude    : 41° 18' 00" N
    Longitude : 36° 22' 00" E




With the settlement of the city dating back 3.500 B.C., the port, today Samsun Port, was started to be used as a natural harbor. The mole, with an approximate length of 450 m, constructed by Genoese for ensuring the maritime security of the harbor preserved its structure until 1955.  

The survey and project of the port, as the first significant port enterprise, was made by English Consultancy and Engineering Enterprise in 1910, but it could not be realized due to the start of World War I. The port provided service with its 7 piers for the sea trade between the years of 1926 – 1944. On 29.01.1944, these wharfs were given to order of General Directorate of State Ports Management (its name at that period) and were transferred, again at the same date, to General Directorate of State Railways and Ports Management. On 01.03.1944, the port was started to be operated actively by the mentioned General Directorate.

 Samsun Port was transferred to State Railways Authority according to Law dated 29.07.1953 and No. 6186. It was taken into operation by completing the construction of the mole and dock between the years of 1953-1963. In addition, the Industrial Dock was taken into operation in 1990.


Samsun Port, operated by our Enterprise, was taken into the scope of privatization through “Transfer of Operational Rights” method with Decision of High Board of Privatization dated 30.12.2004 and No. 2004/128 and it was transferred to Ceynak Lojistik ve Ticaret A.Ş. winning the tender for 36 years with an amount of 125,200,000 USD.


The Port continues its activities under the title of Samsun Uluslararası Liman İşletmeciliği (SAMSUNPORT) (Samsun International Port Management JSC).


TCDD performs its control and supervision duties and authorities given within the framework of the concerned provisions of the Concession Agreement on Transfer of Operational Rights by means of TCDD Samsun Port Authority Control Department.