Turkish State Railways


İsa Apaydın was born in 1965 in Ankara. He graduated from the department of Metallurgical Engineering in Faculty of Engineering of Istanbul Technical University in 1987. He received his Master Degree from the department of Metallurgical Engineering in Faculty of Engineering of Sakarya University in 1996.


Starting to work as an engineer in Directorate General of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) in 1987 and assigned in different positions, Mr. Apaydın worked as a Deputy Director General and Member of the Board in TCDD between 2005-2015.


Mr. Apaydın, assigned as an Advisor in the Ministry in 2015, took office of Chairman of the Board and Director General of TCDD on 13.05.2016.


Mr. Apaydın had taken many tasks and responsibilities during his tenure of Deputy Director General. Many projects in the fields of “National Train Project”, improvement of structure for Research-Development and training and etc. were carried out under the responsibility of Mr. Apaydın for the construction and commissioning of high speed and rapid railway projects, maintenance and rehabilitation of the existing system and establishment of domestic railway industry. Mr. Apaydın has taken the following high level positions:


National Train Project Execution Group Administration,
Membership of General Assembly for European Railway Research Council,
Chairmanship of  Organising  Board for 1st International Railway Symposium,
Chairmanship of Organising Board together with International Railways Union (UIC) for 2nd International Railway Symposium and Exhibition and 1st Global Conference on Train Management and Control Systems,
Vice Chairman of Anatolian Railway Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS). 

On the other hand, Mr. Apaydın;


. Led to develop railway domestic industry and establish a cooperation between University-Industry by ensuring the establishment of Railway Research and Technology Center (DATEM) in which the studies regarding to localization and development of the products with high technology are being carried out.

. Contributed to conducting 8 Research-Development projects and development of the existing infrastructure of TCDD within the scope of European Union 7th Framework Programme.

. Was the coordinator of National Competency System Project in Railway Sector funded by European Union. Within the scope of the project, he ensured the preparation of 18 railway occupational standards and competencies.

. Supported to carry out the clustering activities regarding to the development of railway industry in Ankara and Eskişehir, the cities of railway.

. Initialized the certification processes for the railway occupations for the first time in our country by providing the establishment of RAYTEST Certification Center.


Mr. Apaydın is married with 2 children and speaks English.