Turkish State Railways


We experience the pride and the pleasure of celebrating 159th year of Turkish railways, started with the construction of İzmir-Aydın line on 23th September 1856. Towards many years

Precious Passengers,

Distinguished Colleagues,


We experience the pride and the pleasure of celebrating 159th year of Turkish railways, started with the construction of İzmir-Aydın line on 23th September 1856. Towards many years…


TCDD, which is one of the long-established enterprises in our country, had taken important missions and responsibilities in all the periods of our country’s history both in war and peace.


The railway, becoming one of the most dynamic sectors in our country with the primary railway policies since 2003, has been the locomotive for economic, social and cultural development of our country just as the same as in the past.



While the high speed and rapid railway lines are expanding from the east to the West, from the North to the South of our country with centered to Ankara, the cities become almost the suburban of each other, the transportation habits are changing and a new life style emerges.


Also, Marmaray, which connects Asia and European sides by railways, reformed on the public transport of Istanbul whereas the rail systems are now gaining strength in urban transportation.


In fact, there is a festive air on the rail network in the four corners of our country. The infrastructure of the existing system is being renewed by rolling stock and more comfortable and more qualified services are provided for our citizens. Train is becoming not only a beloved one but also a preferred transportation vehicle.


Revolution is both seen on railway industry and service quality. In the past, the sector was importing even the rail from abroad, now it is exporting all the needed material and vehicles to abroad. Naturalisation and endenisation period is started in the advanced railway industry.


Train is desirous to carry the weight of the world. The production centers and organized industrial zones are linked to the railways, so the products which are produced in our industry are mostly transported by railway and logistic centers, coordinating all transport systems are being established.



2023 target is to be among one of the top 10 countries on the world in railway sector just as the same as in economy. Within this scope, it is aimed to reach 25.000 km railway line in total impending 3.500 km high speed, 8.500 km rapid and 1.000 km conventional, to renew the existing lines and complete their modernization, to increase the level of railway transport share 10 % for passenger, 15 % for freight, to establish national railway standards, to apply Safety Management System, to brand “National Signalling System”, to manufacture all the railway vehicles in our country, to expand branch lines, to develop combined and freight transportation, to liberalize the railways, to establish Railway Transportation Institute, to support R-D together with its national railway industry and to provide the development of international railway corridors.


All these developments are exciting and sublime for the whole railwaymen family. We respectfully and gratefully commemorate all of the people who had made a great effort for 159th years of railways. I thank all of my colleagues who work by feeling this excitement in their hearts.



Also, I thank all of our passengers who prefer train day by day.


Happy 159th years…



Director General and

President of the Board of TCDD


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