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Van Lake Ferry Directorate

Port Operator: General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD)
Address: TCDD Vangölü Feribot Müdürlüğü Tatvan / Bitlis

Telephone:      +90 434 827 80 40
Fax:                 +90 434 827 80 43

e-mail:             -


Van Lake Ferry Directorate was established during the Great War by considering the necessity to carry passenger-freight on the lake and the strategic importance of the lake during Republic period. It was taken into service as affiliated to Ministry of Civil Works under the name of “Van Lake Shipping Administration” in Ernis sub-district of Erciş district in Van city in 1925. The Administration which was affiliated to Ministry of Civil Works was transferred to “Special Provincial Administration of Van” in 1934. With the realization of the insufficiency of the facilities in Ernis, it started to operate in Tatvan as an enterprise managed by supplementary budget with Law no. 3025 as of 1935. It became “Van Lake Enterprise” affiliated to Ministry of Economy in 1936.


In 1951, it was transferred to the General Directorate of Turkish Maritime Bank established with Law no. 5842 on 01.03.1952. In accordance with the Decree Law no. 17, it was incorporated into the “General Directorate of Turkish Maritime Organization” as of 28.10.1983 and then into “General Directorate of Turkish Maritime Enterprises” as of 16.11.1984. Then, it was transferred to “General Directorate of Turkish State Railways” (TCDD) on 01.05.1988 with regard to the decision of High Planning Board dated 17.03.1988 and no. 88/25. All the units transferred from Turkish Maritime Enterprises were gathered under Van Lake Ferry Directorate established with the decision Management Board of TCDD dated 13.05.1988 and No. 13/145 and affiliated to the “Ports Department”. It was then affiliated to the “5th Regional Directorate” with the decision of Management Board of TCDD date 21.03.1991 and No. 9/110 and linked with Ports Department. With the order of General Directorate of TCDD dated 01.04.2002 and No. 1181, it was affiliated to “Installations Department” and linked to Ports Department as well. With the Circular dated 31.01.2011 and No. 7573, it was integrated into the “Traffic Department”, established with the decision of Management Board dated 11.06.2009 and No. 11/90, and re-transferred to Port Department with decision of Management Board dated 28.08.2015 and No. 5/117. It is still in operation as a unit under Ports Department.